DOWNLOAD Anthaku Minchi (2018) Telugu HDRip 720p 1.3GB Full Movie Online

DOWNLOAD Anthaku Minchi (2018) Telugu HDRip 720p 1.3GB Full Movie Online, Starring : Rashmi Gautam, Anthaku Minchi Movie Torrent Download Jai Directed By Jhony, Release date : August 24, 2018

DOWNLOAD Anthaku Minchi (2018) Telugu
Movie:Anthaku Minchi (2018)
Film Stars:Rashmi Gautam, Jai
Release D:August 24, 2018
Movie Qua:HDRip 720p
File Size: 1.3GB


Raju(Jai) is a happy-go-lucky guy who dreams of becoming a millionaire. He comes to know that he can earn 5 crores if he manages to prove the existence of supernatural forces. He sets all his focus on finding a ghostly creature and to his surprise, he notices some weird happenings in his sister’s house and strongly believes that he found what he has been looking for.

In this process, Priya(Rashmi) meets Raju and denies all his claims regarding the existence of any such unearthly force. Can Raju gather enough shreds of evidence to prove his claim? Will he win the 5 crores prize money? Watch the movie on big screens to know the answers.



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